We spent some time researching which breed of cattle to have and realised the sturdy, docile and slow maturing Hereford would suit us best. There are many acres of wonderful rough grasses, wildflowers and herbs on our farm which are are an ideal environment for our lovely cows as well as a plethora of other wildlife.

Our Organic Pedigree Pasture for Life herd of Hereford cows, calves and our traditional Hereford bull graze these fields. The herd lives outside summer and winter and only hay made from our wildflower meadows is fed to them as additional feed during the winter months. Our cattle do NOT have any grain, corn or additional supplements.

Calves are born each year between April and June. Walking amongst the expectant mothers every morning is always exciting as often there is a new born calf hiding in a patch of tall grasses.

The newly born calf will hide for 3 days, acting 'dead' to protect it from predators and the mother will gradually draw it out into the open. When they are a couple of weeks old, the calves will often rest in a 'nursery' together and one cow, often a male steer, will keep guard whilst mothers go off to eat grass.

Our cows and calves always remain together all their lives. Weaning happens naturally, after about 9 months the calf no longer needs to drink milk from its mother. At this point she is getting ready to have her next calf.

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Our cows in winter